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Servicing Soft Starter, Active Front End & Variable Speed Drives

MJM Electrical participated on the Foskor Mine’s 2021 Annual Shutdown by Servicing Siemens Active Front Ends (AFE), Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and Soft Starters at their Extension 8 Sub Stations. Ext 8 Sub stations comprises of 4 sub stations. These are the activities that were conducted on the AFEs, VSDs and Soft Starters at the 4 sub stations:- AFEs and VSDs a. Place personal lock on the isolator and test before working. b. Visual inspection of drives and its environmental conditions c. Inspection of the connections. d. Functional inspection of the fan and cooling system e. Strip and dry cleaning of the drive. f. Testing of internal monitoring signals g. Inspection of the ribbon and fiber optic transmission h. Testing of power supplies i. DC Link capacitance and leakage current measurements j. Filter capacitance measurements. k. Back up of parameter settings l. Analyzing of fault history m. A detailed report on work carried out including recommendations for future actions. Soft Starters 1. Visual inspection of drives and its environmental conditions 2. Visual Inspection of the connections 3. Clean cabinet 4. Back up of parameter settings 5. Analysing of fault history 6. Any other work as advised by OEM for servicing […]